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Dr. Simi Rose Andrews

Assistant Professor (Aquaculture)
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Profile: Dr. Simi Rose Andrews obtained her PhD Degree in Inland Aquaculture and Master’s Degree in Aquaculture from the Central Institute of Fisheries Education, ICAR-Mumbai with Institutional scholarship. She completed her graduation from College of Fisheries, Panangad – Kerala Agricultural University. She worked with Fisheries Department, Government of Kerala as Fisheries Extension Officer before joining Kerala Agricultural University. Her research areas are Fish breeding, Fish nutrition and Aquatic Environment studies.

Journal publications

1. Andrews S.R., Sahu N.P., Pal A.K. & Kumar S (2010) Yeast extract, brewers yeast and spirulina in diets for Labeo rohita fingerlings affect haematological responses and survival following Aeromonas hydrophila challenge. Research in Veterinary Science 91(1), 103-109

2. Andrews S.R., Sahu N.P., Pal A.K. & Kumar S (2009) Haematological modulation and growth of Labeo rohita fingerlings: Effect of dietary mannan oligosaccharide, yeast extract, protein hydrolysate and chlorella. Aquaculture Research, 41 (1),61-69.

3. Andrews Simi Rose and C Das Radha(2003) seasonal changes in Thyroid and sex steroids in female catfish, Clarias batrachus and effects of GnRh during post spawning period. Journal of Endocrinology and reproduction 7(1&2) 32

4. S Salim Shyam, K Vijula and Simi Rose Andrews (2005) Probiotics- Boon for Aquaculture National Product Radiance 47(1) 53

5. Presented a paper in XXI symposium of the society for Reproductive Biology and Comparative Endocrinology, BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY, VARANASI. FEB, 2003.

Book Chapters

  1. Divya P R., Basheer V S. and Simi Rose Andrews (2021) Yellow cat fish. In Ignatious Mandro., M K Anil. and Asha Augustine.(Eds). Package of Aquaculture Practices, Department of Fisheries, Government of Kerala.

Awards/Scholarships Received

ICAR-CIFE Institutional scholarship for M.F.Sc and Ph.D


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Regional Agricultural Research Station, Kumarakom
Kerala Agricultural University
Kumarakom Kerala 686563